Why I’m not telling my kids about the marriage equality debate | Daily Life | September 2017

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

A bunch of us were walking to school. Me and my kids, plus a gaggle of their friends, and their friends’ parents. One of the girls was holding court, telling the others about a boy she liked.

“I’m going to marry him when we’re grown up!” she told the others. My youngest daughter was quite revolted: “Marry a boy! Yuck,” she said. “I’m not getting married. Or If I do get married, I’m going to marry a girl.”

The reaction was swift: “You can’t marry a girl!” they said. “Girls can’t marry girls.” But my little one was adamant.

“Yes I can,” she said. “My Aunty Jo married a girl. You can marry whoever you like if you love them and they love you.”

That was the end of it. The other kids accepted my daughter’s argument and the conversation moved on. I chose not to mention the fact that same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Australia – why rain on their parade?

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