Melbourne mum of two needs urgent medical treatment

Rebekah Thomas has had some tough conversations in the last three years. But telling her daughters, Rhiannon, 13, and Ruby, six, that she might not survive the melanoma that has ravaged her body, takes the cake.

The 41 year-old Melbourne mum was first diagnosed with melanoma when she was 15. It came as a shock because she says that as a youngster she stayed out of the sun. “It was unheard of at the time and I had to go back to my GP several times to ask for the mole to be removed because he didn’t believe me,” she recalls.

The mole was removed and Thomas went into remission,”they thought it would never come back,” she says.

But sadly, 24 years later, Thomas discovered a lump in her groin. “I had it checked out, and a biopsy showed that it was melanoma in the lymph node,” she explains.

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